energyOrbit cloud platform to scale management of energy efficiency operational management and expand customer engagement for client organizations

MADISON, Wisconsin, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC) has secured energyOrbit and its cloud software to scale the operational management of their energy efficiency and demand-side management (DSM) programs. Securing the new cloud platform allows WECC to provide the latest in modern energy efficiency technology solutions to its clients. By engaging with energyOrbit, organizations similar to WECC have realized improved efficiency and DSM operational savings by up to 75 percent.

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“We are tapping the power of the energyOrbit platform because it’s designed with energy efficiency and DSM operations in mind,” said Mary Woolsey Schlaefer, WECC’s President and CEO.  “With energyOrbit as our tool, we are building a stronger foundation for collaboration within WECC, and offering our clients new opportunities to increase engagement among their customer bases.”

As a national leader in the design and implementation of energy efficiency and financing programs, WECC is utilizing features within the energyOrbit platform that allow it to streamline the tracking, analysis, and reporting of energy efficiency and demand-side management programs. As part of the solution rollout, WECC will leverage the new energyOrbit Marketplace portal to enhance customer engagement and increase participation in energy efficiency programs. The energyOrbit Marketplace will provide home and business owners with a simple and intuitive online experience when looking for energy efficiency rebates and incentives.

“Since 2007, we’ve been dedicated to bringing the very best in cloud-computing software and industry best practices to organizations managing energy efficiency and DSM programs,” said Udi Merhav, founder, and CEO of energyOrbit. “By automating much of the administrative process, utilities, co-operatives and third-party implementers like WECC can better utilize the wealth of data and analytics they have on hand to enhance decision making and more strategically manage their operations – opening the doors to scaling operations and achieving even higher participation numbers and a lower administrative cost per energy unit saved.” 

Powered on the Salesforce platform, the energyOrbit customer engagement solution is designed to provide an integrated user experience to streamline energy audits and free up administrator workloads, resulting in higher focus on articulating and executing program strategy. The system is routinely upgraded with the latest in energy efficiency and DSM standards and best practices to keep users ahead of the curve in DSM program management.

Five of the 15 largest investor-owned utilities in North America, as well as dozens of public utilities, cooperatives and third-party implementers, use energyOrbit to manage $1.6 billion in energy efficiency incentive dollars. In total, the award-winning platform has seen a 58 percent increase in the amount of total energy savings achieved on the platform to a total of 13.245 TWh (through January 2017); an amount equivalent to what two million solar-powered homes could generate in the Los Angeles Basin. Through the execution of energy efficiency programs through the energyOrbit platform, 6.8 million tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided since 2007, enough to fill 1,151 Empire State Buildings (for more view Infographic).

About energyOrbit

Founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, California, energyOrbit is the market leading solution for cloud energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management operations. energyOrbit is deployed with leading utilities and third-party implementers across North America, enabling customers to realize an average of 75 percent improved efficiency and operational savings in their DSM operations. energyOrbit empowers utilities to deploy DSM programs in hours, scale programs and portfolios efficiently, and to streamline utility customer relationships, partners, and internal communications seamlessly.

As of 2016, energyOrbit has helped utilities and third-party implementers collectively manage more than 13.245 TWh of electricity savings. Additionally, 5,617 MW of peak demand has been reduced by efficiency measures tracked by energyOrbit. More than $1.6 billion in incentive dollars managed and prepared for payment. For more information on energyOrbit, please visit and follow up on Twitter (@energyOrbit) and on LinkedIn (

About WECC
Founded in 1980, WECC is a mission-driven nonprofit that designs and delivers energy efficiency, financing, and sustainability programs for our clients across the United States. We believe that what we do should benefit everyone. For that reason, our mission is to champion and deliver innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits for all. In 2016, WECC’s team of experts helped save more than $68 million in energy costs and reduce 350,990 metric tons of CO2 emissions. For more information about WECC, call 800.969.9322 or visit

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